Today, there are many security systems that, in the first place, only inform about the penetration of an object.

Yes, it gives a certain confidence in security, but how much?


After analyzing the statistics of the majority of the robberies, it turned out that the fact of theft occurs within 2-4 minutes after penetration. During this time, 90% of thieves manage to take out valuables and property, having successfully disappeared from the scene of the crime, without waiting for the arrival of the security service.


So, the problem is that informing the owner and surrounding services is sometimes not enough. We need a solution that can not only quickly report, but can completely prevent the robber from moving around the object.


We have developed a unique and multifunctional defense complex, which contains not only the alarm function, like classic security systems, but also a number of defense mechanisms.


The G-MAK system is equipped with a powerful ultra-bright pulsed LED flash, two very loud sirens, a tear gas atomization system or a thick steam generator

(Depending on the configuration and the region of delivery).


With the G-MAK defense complex, which works in full combat readiness, the chances of attackers are reduced to zero, restraining their actions and providing additional time for the guards to arrive.


"While other systems are only monitoring, our system is already protecting!"