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Portable defense complex

What is G-MAK?

The G-MAK system is a portable defense system with the ability to apply active counteraction to persons who are illegally trying to break into a security object.

The system is equipped with several motion sensors                      with different physical principles of action. This allows for intelligent processing algorithms                      and clearly recognize the presence or intrusion of a person by cutting off other false positives.

The system allows you to immediately notify the owner and security structures when triggered by intelligent motion sensors.

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The ability to listen to the property even if you are away from home

Card reader

Backup way to turn off the complex or put it into defense mode / Guard on

Powerful stroboscopic flash

"Strobe Mode" equivalent to = 10,000 Lm. It disorients and blinds the offender

Tear gas

The latest development of tear gas spraying system (G-MAK mini Home Edition 50 ml., Focused on the area up to 40-50 m²)

Motion sensor

Інфрачервоний та радіочастотний датчик реагують на тепло та рух об'єктів

The low frequency siren

The low frequency siren will stun the offender with a powerful beep. Together with the RF siren, an acoustic signal with a volume greater than 126 dB

The high frequency siren

The high frequency siren will stun the offender with a powerful beep. Together with the bass siren, an audio signal with a volume greater than 126 dB

The complex is equipped with the following active intrusion control systems:

Double irritant
sound signal, with a volume greater than 126 dB.

Powerful LED flash
Stroboscope Mode
(equivalent = 10000 Lm).

Spraying system tear
gas (G-MAK mini Home edition 50 ml., focused on the area up to 40-50 m2)

Simple security system management

The G-MAK has several communication channels for notification:



The G-MAK has an emergency button for urgently calling police to protect the owner directly from attackers.

We have developed a user-friendly and up-to-date application that allows you to easily manage G-MAK.

G-MAK modes

The device is powered by a 220V power supply or batteries (offline mode).

The system has several operating modes:

monitoring mode

active defense mode

Offline monitoring mode:

G-MAK mini Home Edition up to 36 hours.

When triggered active system:

G-MAK mini Home Edition up to 30 minutes.

Why G-MAK?

The G-MAK mini can be used in the long-term absence of the owner at the facility, when guarding an apartment, country house, cottage, office, warehouse or other commercial building.


No Analogs

Creates a panic effect for the attacker

Exclusive control panel

180 ° to 8 meters

Possibility of listening and video monitoring

Capable of working offline for up to 36 hours